Normally, you don't have to change any permission and you just need unzip your files on your local computer and use ftp to upload them.

For example, to install WordPress,

  1. Download WordProdess from
  2. Unzip it to your local machine. C:\temp\wordpress
  3. Open CuteFTP and connect to your eatj FTP account.
  4. Go into php directory.
  5. Drag and drop wordpress folder to php directory.
  6. Open your browser.
  7. Put http://php.<your username> in your address
  8. Click enter.

If you directly create directories or php files on server, you need set permissions:

For directories, you need set permission: chmod 755 /your/directory/
That means READ, WRITE and EXCUTE for owner. READ and EXCUTE for group. READ and EXCUTE for public.

For php files, you need set permission: chmod 600 /your/php/files/*.php.
That means READ and WRITE for owner.

Your php url is http://php.<your username>

EATJ PHP Samples (Demo)

  1. PHP info click HERE
  2. Drupal click HERE
  3. Joomla click HERE
  4. PHPBB click HERE
  5. WordPress click HERE
  6. SMF (forum) click HERE